RV Park

Park Rules & Etiquette

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It is our sincere desire to provide a quality lifestyle for the residents in our community. Our property is privately owned, however, many of our rules and regulations are based on what is required by law and have been adopted for the benefit of all residents.


  • Up to two (2) permanent occupants are allowed in the monthly units at the base rental amount. An additional $25.00 per month will be charged for each additional occupant. Units must be 25' or longer and less than 10 years old.
  • Owner Occupancy only, NO subletting allowed. In the event that a resident wishes to sell his or her home and leave it in the park, he or she may do so under the following conditions. The prospective purchaser (s) must come to the office and sign a copy of the rules and have a short interview with the owner/manager. The prospective purchaser(s) must qualify for residence in the park and our approval of the prospective purchaser(s) will not be unreasonably withheld. The prospective purchaser(s) "will be required to meet standards and credit worthiness applicable to all prospective new residents of our park. We must have received the completed application on or before fifteen (15) days prior to the transfer of title to the home in which to consider the prospective purchaser(s) and approve or disapprove his, her, or their application. A resident may display one "For Sale" sign, no larger that eighteen (18) inches by twenty-four (24) inches on an inside window. 


Park model homes must be properly installed on a home lot in compliance with all state and country ordinances, codes and regulations. On or before thirty (30) days after the date that the home is delivered to the home lot, the resident shall cause the following to be completed:

  • The home shall be blocked, leveled, and anchored with its axles at ground level in compliance with all federal, state, and local codes, ordinances and regulations.
  • The home hitch will be removed - concealed from view.
  • The home will be completely skirted with commercially available aluminum, brick or split-block skirting on all four (4) sides and Prefabricated or approved split-block steps will be installed at all entrances to the home.​

Park Etiquette

  • Guests are welcome and must register before going to a site.
  • Only one camping unit at a site. Boat trailers, trailers, etc. must be stored in storage area.
  • Changing sites cannot be done without authorization from office.
  • Children may visit and must be supervised at all times.
  • Quiet time-10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
  • Pets are welcome: must be kept leashed and picked up after. Violators, if caught, will be charged an additional fee of $50.00 for clean-up. Never leave pets unattended. Pets are not allowed in the clubhouses or bathrooms. DO NOT wash pet bedding in our washers please. No agressive breed of dog allowed (i.e. Pit Bull, Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Presa Canario, Chow, Doberman Pinscher, Akitas, Wolf hybrid, Mastiff, Cane Corso, Great Dane, Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskie, etc). 
  • Responsible behavior is expected. The management reserves the right to refuse entry to or dismiss any person and their property from the park.
  • Please respect others. Do not walk through occupied sites-we treat occupied sites as our homes.
  • All sites must be kept clean and tidy. Boats and trailers are to be put in the storage area at a charge of $30.00 per month.
  • No "For Sale" signs in any R.V. or park model. Get office approval for any other "For Sale" sign placement.
  • Firearms/Fireworks are absolutely not permitted in the park.
  • No soliciting in the park, and no advertising signs or banners on any site.
  • All plantings and permanent site alterations must remain when the site is vacated.
  • Sheds may be no larger than 8' X 10' and must be enclosed.
  • Water lawns and plants in accordance with Thomas County regulations. Our fines are expensive.
  • JoRi, Inc. dba Sugar Mill RV, nor the management assumes liability for accidents, injuries or loss or damage from any cause.
  • Golf carts and bicycles must have lights for night operation.
  • Your driving speed is limited to 10 mph. in the park. Please respect the safety of others as you drive at all times. Safety is no accident.

Sugar Mill RV Park reserves the right to refuse the rental of a campsite or to request removal from the park without refund as a result of violation of these rules or other situations that are deemed inappropriate or unsafe by the management.

All campers and their guests agree to use this property at their own risk.  JORI, Inc., Sugar Mill RV Park, nor the management is responsible for damage, injury, or loss to persons, pets, or property.

Lot Improvement:

The park management encourages residents to improve the appearance of their home lot by making voluntary improvements to it; however, the plans for any such improvements or a sketch and a description of the same must be submitted to the park manager at least fifteen (15) days prior to the commencement of any work. The park manager in “his or her sole discretion, to approve or disapprove any proposed improvements to the lot” Unapproved construction will be removed by the park management at the resident’s cost and expense.

  • Fences of any type are not permitted.
  • Window-type air conditioning are permitted and must be secured in place with metal support brackets attached to the home.
  • No resident shall cut down, deface, or remove any tree from a home lot without the express prior written consent of the park management.

Lot Care:

It shall be the responsibility of each resident to insure that his or her home is attractively maintained in compliance with these Rules and all the applicable building, housing, and health codes. Each resident will be responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of his or her lot. Lot care and appearance are of primary importance and will be strictly enforced. Bottles, cans, boxes, washers, dryers, indoor furniture, equipment or debris of any nature, shall not be stored outside or beneath the home, or in a screened enclosure.

  • Vegetable gardens are not permitted in the park.
  • At manager’s option, we may notify a resident of his or her failure to abide by these Rules. Upon failure of the resident to take appropriate corrective action within three (3) days after receipt of such notice, we may, but have no obligation to, have the necessary work performed, and shall have the right to charge the resident the actual cost and expense incurred for materials and equipment, plus, $25.00 per hour for all labor involved. Although the planting of trees and shrubbery is encouraged, in order to protect underground utilities the resident shall obtain the prior written approval of the park manager before planting any of these. All plants, trees, and shrubbery planted on a resident’s home lot become a permanent part of the home lot, and shall not be removed either during or upon termination of the resident’s occupancy.


  • A resident is not permitted to park more than two (2) vehicles on a home lot.
  • Mechanical or other repair vehicles, reasonable requiring more than two (2) hours of work, is not permitted.
  • Trucks, other than standard-size pickups or vans, are not permitted in the park.
  • Motorcycles, when operated by residents or other guests, are allowed in the park, but only as transportation through the shortest route in and out of the park. Management reserves the right to deny a resident the use of a motorcycle, or any other vehicle in the park if it is in poor repair, is excessively noisy, or in any other way is a menace to park residents.
  • Go-carts are prohibited in the park at all times.

Upon failure of a resident to take appropriate corrective action within twenty-four (240 hours after notice, management may have the violating vehicle removed and stored and charge the resident the full cost for all towing and storage.

The storage of boats, campers, utility trailers, or any other vehicle or machinery is not permitted on the resident’s lot. A storage area is available for use by residents for a monthly fee of $30.00. If space is not available in the storage area, the vehicle must be moved outside the park. The park assumes no responsibility for the damage or loss of any vehicle, equipment or other items placed in the storage area. All vehicles must be operational and registered.


All vehicles must be driven with extreme caution. Motor vehicles speeds in excess of posted speed limits are prohibited and such speeding will not be tolerated from residents or their guests. In the event that no speed limits are posted, the speed limit shall be ten (10) M.P.H. on all streets of the park.